Monday, November 01, 2010

Ah, yeah, sorry about the delay!

What can I say ... it has been two and a half years! What happened? Well, when they say "your life as you know it will end" once you have kids ...

Friends, we're just going to have to take this slowly. I know you want to know nought about nappies, teething, and [heaven help us] breast feeding, so you'll just have to bide a while as I slowly re-enter the world of dining grown-up-style.

Step 1. Have babysitter, will eat.

Was recently invited to an event at a "gentlemen's club". And no, I wasn't the entertainment. A black tie affair at the Tasmania Club. Quail entree - very excellent. Perfectly medium rare eye fillet. Excellent wine list. This venue is for members and their guests only, and is perhaps something of a hidden Hobart treasure. If you can get past the stuffy formality of this old world relic, find a member, get yourself invited, and go dammit!

Step 2. Dine during the day.

Breakfast has become the new dinner. Well, for those of us who are up before dawn! Lower Sandy Bay's two beachside venues: the Beach House and the Ball Bag, I mean Nose Bag, are both kid friendly and do good coffee. Food at the Beach House is far superior.

Step 3. Get excited about something

The much promised, then hopes-dashed, now much-promised-again Belgian baker is [definitely] opening in Taroona. Been to Belgium ... so I'm a bit excited about the prospect of a real waffle. Please, oh please, oh please.

Oh, and Garagiste anyone? Where is that babysitter ... gotta get me there [not sure about those commie shared tables though].

That's it for now ... thanks to those of you who have remained vigilant for me getting my act back together. Posts won't be frequent, but they will heppen.

Glad to be back,
HRB ;-)