Thursday, January 06, 2005

Tsunami Postscript

With apologies to those generous souls whose activities I am not aware of …

The staff and management of Sisco’s are donating their time and ALL TAKINGS from a special opening on Sunday 9 January in order to support the Tsunami Appeal.

Prospect Wines (purveyors of rather scrummy cleanskins in town) are donating ALL THIS WEEK’S PROFITS to the Tsunami Appeal.

There is a benefit gig at onetwelve (112 Liverpool St – from 4pm onwards on Sunday 9 January with ALL PROCEEDS going to the Tsunami Appeal.

Maybe I’m not so naïve after all … your generosity of spirit proves that business isn’t always about profits, but can indeed be founded on good will and word of mouth.

Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

thank you, finally a sensible word on Hobart coffee. Following years of frightening experiences in pursuit of my favourite beverage, I finally decided it isnt worth having unless it is made by the owners of Brew Sandy Bay All I ever asked was that my espresso be made with passion,care and clean equipment. Please dont mix my beans with the scrambled eggs, please dont blister my tongue, over extract, turn the milk to styrofoam or allow me to grow old whilst waiting.