Monday, June 13, 2005

The “Ugly Fish” Has Landed

Elizabeth St, North Hobart

Fish and bloody chips. Trumped up bloody school cafeteria. Loud, clattering, find your own seat, order and pay at the counter. Oh, they also offer “take out”. (Maybe if you can’t afford your meal you could put it on “lay away” too.) I actually do not care how good or otherwise their fish and chips might be. I’m pissed off. North Hobart has lost one decent restaurant in Lickerish and what used to be a decent deli in the 7 Day Super Store, and what do we have in their place? Pizza and fish and chips. How bloody imaginative. Well done.

The tourists might like it, but as promised on 25 April, I am spewing!



Anonymous said...

heer heer! GW you rock!

Anonymous said...

And that poo brown building is so imaginative.. not.
What a squandered opportunity to give North Hobart a much-needed lift.

Like a Tiger said...

Keen to maximise another gorgeous winter Saturday arvo AND fulfil Her desire for fish and salad ('fish salad', actually, d'oh!), I swallowed my pride and went to Ugly Fish.

And it was OK. They have a much broader selection of dishes than Frenzy Fish and the salt & pepper squid was adequate (no one in Tas makes it salt & peppery enough) but I can heartily recommend the Thai fish cakes. Scrummo. Both come with great and funky salads.

The China Diner aside, I don't reckon you should bag out these new places until you've tried 'em. Though it might be a while - a L O N G while - before I try that new buffet place where the Maypole Bakery used to be.

Speaking of which, the Maypole Pub has (finally) sold: $2 mil+. Woolies keeps the bottle shop (part-owner of the entire shebang, Michael Kent, now has even deeper laughlines around the pockets). The pub itself needs a complete refit and I understand the new owners are VERY competent at this sort of thing. Let's hope they have deep pockets, too; razing the hideous tudor thing that's currently there would be a great start.

Georgie Weston said...

Thanks for the update 'Tiger (ger-rowwww). Perhaps the words "ok" and "adequate" are rather telling. For my money, give me a big mess of grots in front of the tellie on a rainy day with a homemade salad any time (especially with a splash of Nan's homemade tomato sauce!).

I've had my say about the fish salads at Fish Frenzy (maybe it's the ol' waterfront chestnut again). But best of luck to the Ugly Fish(looks like they're stuck with that moniker now), they've obviously got [fish] balls.

By the way, best salt & pepper squid I've had recently was from a bain marie in "Little Saigon" in Footscray, $3 for a big bag of the stuff. Amazing!