Thursday, March 09, 2006

A Cascade of Steak

Popped into the Cascade Hotel the other night for the first time ever. Ordered what I thought was the smaller of the steak options. Bloody enormous, tender and juicy, and only slightly overdone for a medium rare (which isn’t bad for a pub). The poker-faced lady behind the bar (who I actually suspect is a warm and jolly delight away from the hordes of uni student punters ordering dinner) patiently walked me through the ordering process. This involves going behind the bar into the bottle shop to select a bottle of wine to enjoy with your dinner.

Anyway, it’s been ages since I’ve had a decent pub steak, and this was definitely a decent pub steak. I think I’ll keep all those shopper dockets from now on after all.

GW xx


Anonymous said...

good call hrb.. friday lunch steaks for $10. no better value in town. and a very decent fresh salad to boot. for a pub, it's good.

Ms Creosote said...

Brickbats and a bouquet..

Why did it take Amulet an HOUR to get our breakfast on the table?

We arrived at 10am, when they open, and ate just after 11am. And it wasn't worth the wait.. tiny slices of cold toast, cold eggs, and undercooked bacon.

The blokes at our table had gobbled it down in under 30 seconds and needed a trip to Maccas to fill up.

Amulet does great coffee but we won't be back for breakfast.

On the flip side, how fantastic is Landsdowne Cres. cafe?!! Huge, scrumptious meals with tonnes of choices, quickety split service with a smile, creamy coffee and a cosy atmos. Just perfect!

Ms Creosote said...

I don't mean to hijack this blog but I wanted to warn everyone about Hadley's alleged 'High Tea'.

We had a friend's birthday at Hadley's on a Sunday afternoon.

For $19 a head I'd expected an experience a la The Windsor.

Sadly we were plonked at a couple of trestle tables, with enough tea and coffee (percolated but served in plungers) for just one cup each.

We saw the lone waitress once, when she delivered three platters of nibblies but be buggered if we could get her back to provide enough cream and jam for the scones (I asked reception three times). We also had to pay extra for mineral water and orange juice.

It was devoid of service and atmosphere, over priced and uninspiring.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Re. Landsdowne Cafe - living in hill street, we've been a few times, good once, passable twice, however GREAT blend of coffee and obvious expertise behind the espresso machine! Try the bannana bread with caramalised bannanas and maple syrup OH YUM (although you can hear the arteries clogging up !!)