Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Looking for Mr Goodbar/Restaurant

Having often considered myself something of a Dianne Keaton post Annie Hall
but pre First Wives Club, I find myself strangely attracted to sitting alone at a bar waiting. Don't do it often. Did it on Friday night.

I'd been stood up, which is a rarity, let's face it. So I took myself out for a night on the town.

Not much happens in Hobart for a young woman out and about on her own at 2:00am, let me tell you. So I found myself at Syrup dancing to "Blame it on the Boogie" (complete with disco spins), having my hips, back, thighs vaguely touched by drunken men vaguely dancing. I was sober enough (honest I was, officer), so found the experience immensely entertaining. Eye opening. Eye polishing even.

Smiling, I asked one guy to not touch me so much. He got sheepish and said "sorry, I'm a bit pissed". Another bloke tried to impress with lambada moves which didn't. After a couple of hours the music got sad and the DJ got sour when I asked him to play something funky. So I went home.

Nearly a week has passed and now I find I need to drag myself out into the cold night air again for a special occasion. Ricky Mullet and I went through the phone book wondering where we'll go. The list:

Marque IV – will go back when the menu changes (know it by heart now)
Choux Shop – number of visits would be considered stalking by some
Sirens - yeah, but no, but yeah, but
T42 - prefer brunch
Henry Jones - Mmmm, nah
Prossers - Only if I'm stoned
Mures - Only if I'm paid
Revolving Restaurant - Now there's a cubist angle

Will let you know where we end up. Maybe I'll wind up back at Syrup with my own special lambada action.

Nighty night for now campers,
GW xx


Stephen said...

Maybe Gondwanna so you can reconsider your "Marque IV is better" heresy?

Another option could be the new'ish Italian bitro in North Hobart.

Or Amulet for an evening meal instead of the usual (at least, for me) brunch.

Stephen said...

Does anyone know of a nice weekend breakfast venue around Hobart?

We've stopped going to Kaos (once the best of the best) because there's a distinct change in the atmos since they opened the outside dining - the place now feels a bit money hungry and the staff don't seem as happy.

Timeless Way is a bit soleless.

Machine Laundry is still good though. But I need a change

Any other recommendations?

Ms Creosote said...

Lansdowne Cafe is terrific but word is out and it's always packed.

You could always try to get a table at Macquarie St. Food Store (ha ha).

Sugo's not bad but a bit noisy inside.

Georgie Weston said...

Lansdowne Cafe and T42 both do a great breakfast, great coffee, and staff are cool.

Zelda said...

You just dont like the fact I live on Bens in Baps! maybe we should try T42? Though Landsdowne Cafe could be fun.

Anonymous said...

Jam Packed at the Henry Jones is wonderful for brekkie. Not the restaurant but the cafe. Usually fairly busy too though. So yummy!

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ, i reakon the Henry Jones( the restaurant) is great for breakie, best hollandaise ive tasted for a very long time

Anonymous said...

went to the quarry on Saturday night, seems they still cant decide if they want to be a restaurant or a bar/nightclub,
food wasnt bad although maybe they need to tell guests certain ingrediants arent available ( apparently due to seasons) or if they are to rushed off there feet serving drinks then maybe a menu change might be better so they dont have to inform the guest. I.e. service needs work

Anonymous said...

Has anyone tried the new Dukkah for breakfast?

Ben said...

I was down Hobart way over the weekend (first time for about three months).

Although it had been good on previous visits for brekkie, lunch at Jam Packed was a litany of stuff-ups which the staff tried to bluff their way through. Won't be back.

Had never been to T42 before but breakfast there Monday with family and young daughter was tops. Good service, good food, lots of space and well priced! Going back for sure.

Anonymous said...

Last time i had breakfast at the Food Store, it was just OK. It used to be fantastic, so I was pretty disappointed... I had brekkie at that garden place next to the Metz.. Solis? Anyway it was pretty good!

Anonymous said...

Just wondered what makes a good cafe?