Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Me Wah Alert!

Get your engines ready ... Me Wah in Sandy Bay opens Tuesday 28th August, 2007.

If you're reading this over your morning coffee, that's tonight fuzzballs!

Stay tuned,


Anonymous said...

It'll be the usual Hobart disappointment. You can't get good Chinese grub round these parts.

The Grub

Anonymous said...

Try it before you knock it. Great tasty chinese, unbelievable wine list and good service

Anonymous said...

Ye, you're right anon, I was a bit previous with my disappointment.
It's just that after hitting your head against a brick wall (Great Wall?) for years over the new big hope, you get cautious and cynical.
But I will try it and keep an open mind.

The Grub

dramarama said...

I've been and I have to say it was fantastic! For once (and I do mean once!) the service in a Hobart restaurant was professional and very attentive. The food was truly delicious, and the wine list out of this world (if a little pricey). For the 'fine dining' atmosphere alone, I will definitely be back. It is shame more restaurants in this town aren't as slick and attentive as the staff here. Restores my faith in eating out in this city.

Stefan said...

Interesting for Hobart... unfortunately more frills than substance - the peking duck (as is usually the case in Australia) only a mockery of the actual form - hand fed , smoked with apple and pear branches... the wine list is all up in bright lights, unfortunately you'd grow old at the table before the best drops are drinkable - eg. Petrus 2000 - fine if you want to spend a decade or 2 at the table, otherwise simply fluff... perhaps it would get a swoon for those who have never seen the great drops actually listed, pity there's no age or certified cellaring to back the investment. That said, the highlight of my meal was a 1970 Calvados that was more than sufficiently drinkable ;)

Stefan said...
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Anonymous said...

I,m guessing everyone knows that the owners of Sens' now own "The Castle" in Creek Rd ??- Great Yum-Cha !

LiSh said...

and still no review?

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