Wednesday, January 05, 2011

I was right the first time

Was thinking this morning about the compromises one becomes prepared to make when trying to get out and about with kids.

I've been to the Margate Pancake Train for brunch (never done that before) ... and was surprised by just how good the cofffee and the pancakes with bacon and maple syrup (don't knock it til you've tried it) turned out to be. Better yet, the toddler-in-tow had a ball eating his "bekkin" on "Thomas".

But then I forgot my acidic impressions of old and ventured back to the ball, I mean Nose Bag. What was I thinking? Toys. They have toys, I thought. Well. The service was friendly and prompt. And that's the best I can say. Our food was tres, tres, average. The coffee was awful. And the toys were absolutely FILTHY! Now, I'm not a clean freak by any stretch. Build up their immune systems I say. But jeez this was shocking. To top it off, the object of my ire all those years ago gave a passive-aggressive little huff because Toddler left some finger prints behind. No running amok, no throwing things, no tantrums. Just finger prints. So much for child-friendly. Honestly.

So here's my tip for the child endowed: Take crayons, toys, portable DVD player (whatever it takes) and go to your usual haunts. Forget so called kid-friendly, head for the good gear.

Here's my other tip: Try out the Margate Pancake Train for something different. It really is worth the drive.


Anonymous said...

Mmmmm pancakes, eggs, bacon, maple syrup. My all time favourite! [much to the horror of some people I know!]
We visited, okay it was a few years ago now, and they weren't available. May go back for another look.

Everyonehatesvon said...

Having worked at the Nose bag in the past i can understand that Guinea can come off a bit confronting.
You complain of toys etc not being clean, understand that this area is a Staff responsibility, probably why you have seen him berate Staff in the past. Pay good money expect results. Just like you and your Coffee.
Dave is a legend Surfer, one of the first at Shipsterns Bluff and definitely the one and only Man alive to ride it backhand dressed only in Speedos. Beat that.
Guinea is famous for having Beautiful Woman at his side, being well traveled and not suffering Fools.
Not many People have ridden the tube behind "Fast" Eddie Rothman at Padang and not only made the wave itself, but had enough teeth left to pronounce its name properly.
His reputation is solid and he isnt known as a "Bitch" either.
I know him to be fearless, accomplished and funny. I like his food, his Cafe and his "Poor Staff", consider eating there an experience and just enjoy it.
I am Von.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a great place! and I found the food rustic-ish and pleasing! And I found a book about the great railway trips of the world!!!! I tell my guests about it -and the antique market - just a great hub! if you want to stay on the Tasman Peninsula, contact b