Thursday, March 03, 2005

Goodbye Summer

Summer is over.

There’s not a cloud in the sky. It’s quite warm. But summer is over.

Even though summer has gone, this is my favourite time of year. Winter’s coming, but it’s not here yet. It’s like that last five minutes you steal in bed before you finally face reality and get up.

Soon it will be dark before we leave work of an evening. It will be cold. We’ll get the flu and spend a fortune at the chemist. We’ll yearn for next summer, wishing our lives away.

But not yet.

We greedily devour autumnal days because soon enough there’ll be no more BBQs. No more salads. No more sitting on the beach and eating sandy fish and chips. No more sunburnt noses. When winter comes, there’ll be no more sipping of champagne in the warm evening glow while the sun lazily sinks.

But winter’s not so bad. There’ll be roasts and soups, stews and breads, curries and casseroles. There’ll be snuggly Sunday sleep-ins, delaying placing that first foot on the cold cold floor. There’ll be open fires and snow on the mountain. And there’ll be the best excuse in the world for drinking red wine.

Bring it on I say!


Georgie Weston said...

Sorry. I think I jinxed us!

JT said...

Finally, someone with a bit of nouse writes something worth reading! Though I don't get to Hobart much, being in Burnie and all that and in fact, being new to Tasmania - I find this site is refreshingly useful.

I love a good eat and frankly, my dear, your reviews are something I find immensely informative. No crummy restaurant is going to get my business - I prefer my dining experiences to be pleasant, enjoyable and preferably inexpensive.

Thanks for the reviews. I linked your blog from mine - just in case anyone else could take advantage of your efforts.

Mr Kensington said...

WHAT! No more summer, and what do you mean no more BBQs? I cannot survive without a BBQ at my sisters place. What shall I do bitch, I mean Georgie? Will I have to settle for Sunday Soup, Crumpets and Star Wars for another winter?