Monday, April 25, 2005

And another thing!

Just back from a hunting trip over the west coast. I wish someone had warned me that jodhpurs and tweed are not quite the go when on the lookout for a thylacine. So ripped off that we weren't on horseback. Those knee high boots just look bloody kinky without a horse in tow! Bloody hell! Anyway, the 1.25 mill is safe for now, but I've got a plan to smoke out the blerry thing - honey on a stick. Works when my dog won't come out from under the house, oughta do for a tiger I reckon. Can't believe no-one's thought of it before.

But back to the real world. Here's what I've found out since returning from yon hunt:

Stepping into the old 'green store' site in North Hobart (the Seven Day Super Store that became anything but super) is something with a fishy logo. Judging by their staff advertisement, they won't be selling waders. I swear, if it's fish and chips I'll spew

Brew now proudly displays two sizes for take away coffee - regular and large. Brillo! And what a bloody tasty large take away coffee I had. Ta boys.

Did I see Maeve O'Mara in the Choux Shop t'other day? Might have been the glare of lights, camera, action, but I'm sure it was. Remains to be seen if it was for that excellent SBS show Ms O'Mara co-hosts, or for the less glamorous Better Groans and Gardens.

Black Pepper Pizzeria is soon to replace Lickerish. Ace. Just what Hobart needs. Another pizzeria in Elizabeth St. My heart sinks.

By the way, I heard part of the Lickerish/State Cinema stoush was over the owner of the cinema (also owner of the restaurant site) wanting to put a walk-through from the cinema into the restaurant. Classy.

Oh, and apparently I got the whole Amulet story completely wrong (see that entry's comment). Silly me.

GW the HRB


Anonymous said...

Word on the street from a local hairdresser is that a Greek seafood joint is replacing the Seven Day.

Anonymous said...

You're right about North Hobart not needing another pizza place.
As well, a noodle cafe/takeaway there needs a lesson in service.
Me and the missus went in and were studiously ignored by the girl assistant.
Sure, she was busy helping the cook, but the place wasn't frantic with people,

There was no, ``hello, be with you in a second, have you seen the menu?''

No, nothing. We stood, stood and stood. Another cook came down a stairay. He ignored us and the four people now behind us.

We gave up. I said `stuff this'' and we walked.
Taste of Asia was fine, helpful and friendly and looked after us properly.
Why do some places such as this noodle shop feel they don't have to even bother with hellos?
We won't be going back, ever. It's a question of just using your noodle and expecting more.

Chhers, a fan.

Anonymous said...


love the blog. I have something here that may augment your reviews. I had the recent misfortune of dining at the Nosebag in Sandy Bay. You can see an accurate description at:

I kid you not.

Anonymous said...

Had the wonderful experience of seeing the Nosebag owner ball out three paying patrons last weekend. One had the nerve to say that she had asked for no peanuts, as she was allergic to them. And a couple was overheard, by the owner that for value for money (service & food), it was a lot better in North Hobart.

The first patron was told, in a very loud and sarcastic manner not to worry as there was a medical centre next door and the couple was told to “piss of back to North Hobart if you want wogs serving you”

Needless to say that there will be 4 people who will never go back there.