Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Bloody oath!

Turn my back for five minutes and everything goes bye-byes. It seems that Mitsuno is closing down. Apparently I've missed the last ever Sunday buffet (shit) and will not be likely to get a table before they close. I was told they were pretty authentic, but did I listen? No.

Bloody oath. Obviously I'm the tortoise, not the hare in the culinary race in ol' Hobart town.

However, there is a silver (chrome?) lining. I've seen the ads for the little "Japanese tea house" in Moonah. And I reckon we should all check it out.

I'll race ya!

GW the HRB


Like a Tiger said...

And, with the ever-overrated Zeps charging along, serial visitors to Campbell Town may soon get to choose between Zeps, Banjos and... Subway (now with DOUBLE the menu options: toasted or not!). Sheesh.

Zelda said...

Subway in Campbell Town?
Oh dear....how long before the Big M comes calling???