Thursday, September 01, 2005

North Hobart

Thanks to Zelda for dishing the dirt on Sunday night take away in North Hobart (a sad affair it seems) and for letting me know that Conchettas is to become "Taj Palace" or somesuch. Brave choice of locale, given proximity to Annapurna and Taste of Asia. We'll see how that pans out.

And I spy with my little eye a sushi bar about to open next to the BP. Hurrah!

Happy first of spring, as the weather improves so does my appetite. And you know what that means!


Zelda said...

Sushi bar where?? which BP Georgie? Dont drop tib bits and then clam up girl!
Off to try Marque IV tomorrow night with the paramour. Shall report back in the near future.

bingeing ninja said...

I'm guessing it's where the short lived Two Fat Fish(?) cafe was (used to be the old fish & chippery with the mural of Mr Ono on the side).

PS Good to have you back HRB. Enjoyed the east coast round up.

Ms Creosote said...

More fish and more indian and still no bloody where to park in North Hobart!

We're also off to Marque4 tonight.. look forward to comparing notes.

Zelda said...

Georgie dear - What were you thinking? Marque has NOTHING on Gondwana. The atmosphere is loud and very harried feeling, the staff are not particualarly good, and teh food is average.
We didnt get told the specials, our appietizers were ok, but the ecualyptus smoked egg was definately nothing to write home about. Paramours appitizer of Porcini, white bean, and chive demi tasse was good, but could have done with more bread.
My Maquarie ocean trout 3 ways was good for the shashmi and smoked but the baked was VERY oily, and really didnt have that much flavour. However the paramours Marrawah eye fillet of beef was melt in the mouth. As for desert, lets just say I as tempted to ask about false advertising.
I wont be going back, gimme Gondwana any day of teh week. Least you can hold a conversation there and relax.