Sunday, September 11, 2005


Vegies bought, the persistent rain prompted a coffee craving. Trudged off to Retro cos it was close and it was open. Hennaed heads, blunt fringes, and the miserable looks on staff faces sent me back to St Kilda in the early 90s and The Galleon cafe.

Coffee duly arrived and I sipped away. It was inoffensive and warm. Not very hot, not very great. But I smiled as I sipped, recalling the recent accusation of my 'McDonald's taste in coffee'.

Today's coffee at Retro: Better than McDonald's, but barely indistinguishable from Hudson's. Oh alright, that's harsh. The milk wasn't frothed to within an inch of its life.

GW ;-)

p.s. I think my taste may have matured a wee frad ... I no longer heart Hudson's, although I remain a coffee guts ... in case you were wondering.

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Anonymous said...

Had a coffee at Amulet in north hobart a few months back and got into a conversation with the guy who runs it. He lamented that the coffee around Hobart is poor, and that it will stay that way because the consumer isn't discerning enough.

He claimed his coffee is brilliant, and I must admit it was pretty good (though I don't pretend to have any great wisdom in the area).