Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Good Morning Eric

Rumour has it you've been to The Spice in Sandy Bay. Care to report?
Have a gorgeous fun-filled day, Eric.
GW ;-)


Anonymous said...

Spice....nut yet I haven't.
But I have been to Tas Ceylon in Augusta Rd, Lenah Valley.

Me and the missus. Two curries (Chicken and Rogan Josh) with dhal-veggies. A samosa, two parathas (proper griddle-cooked ones, mark ye) and tea for two. $26 and all good.
Bigger menu avaiable with Ceylon curry, crab curry, tiger prawns.
Idlis, hoppers etc all available.

The curries we had for lunch had nice slow burn and were tasty.
Had a nice chat (chaat?) to owner who is a very enthusiastic bloke with a good chef.

It's a humble environ and even caters to non-curry eaters with the usual fish and chippie things, which the kiddies might like too.

It is offering some different things to the usual butter chicken etc but these are available.

It deserves to thrive and we will be back.

Curry on regardless, Eric

Georgie Weston said...

Thanks Agent Eric, most excellent report and spy job.

Ms Creosote said...

Tas Ceylon is trying hard but avoid the bain marie. Sadly I keep seeing LOLs in there chowing down on fish fingers instead of the genuine article.
On another front - worst cafe title goes to Jordy's in North Hobart. But I'm not brave enough to try Chrome.