Monday, October 10, 2005

Coffee in 'The Strip'

I hate the reference to Elizabeth St North Hobart as "Little Lygon St". Having eaten much gelati in Lygon St in my youth, I know it is a very stupid and pointless comparison.

Anyway (big sigh) ...

I've been on a mission to try some coffee on 'the strip' and here's what I've discovered:

Zum - better than the original. A very small enclave for coffee lovers and sweet tooths alike. My tip would be to grab a street-side seat when the sun is shining (late afternoon?). Speaking of Zum, rumours have it that (a) the old site is to be taken over by a restaurant/club (cool concept), and (b) Zum Salamanca will resurface next door in the old photolab space.

Aroma - is it a record shop, is it a cafe? I love it here, and having just discovered the rear courtyard (which catches lovely morning sun), I have redoubled my efforts to visit Aroma. They do great coffee and the food is rather delish too (my favourite is the avocado on toast - so simple, so yum). The real challenge is to escape Aroma without giving in to the temptation to buy some funky CD (so far I'm not winning).

Raincheck Lounge - Heard good stuff about food and coffee when these guys first opened. Coffee is inconsistent (very bitter today). Last time I was there I sat outside with a menu in my hand, eventually realising the staff had forgotten me. The temptation to partake in a cocktail left and so did I.

Would have contemplated giving Amulet a run for their over-confident coffee-making money today, but they were closed (obviously there is a God!).

GW ;-)


bingeing ninja said...

Continuing the childish tradition of referring to Fish 349 as "ugly fish" we've started to call Raincheck the "Doofcheck Lounge" (on account of the music they always seems to play... food's been OK tho'). And yes, clearly I'm getting scotty in my old age.


Anonymous said...

The only good thing about Raincheck is that there is no law requiring us to go there. It is ugly to look at, the food is hilarious, and the coffee is better at Jordy's. And the coffee at Jordy's is as undrinkable is their food is inedible. North Hobart is teetering; and I live - and imbibe - there.

Anonymous said...

Don't overlook Pane Cucina. There is a certain buzz about the place and the staff are efficient and friendly. Sit outside, watch the world go by and laugh at the empty tables outside Amulet. The coffee's good too.

Anonymous said...

I and a friend tried Raincheck a couple of months ago - won't be going back. Generally bad vibe (maybe unhappy staff and/or bosses??) and food wasn't anything to write home about. Nothing I can put my finger on, just not pleasant.

Ms Creosote said...

Best NH hot drinks - Kaos.
Best NH trevalla marinade - Fish Bar.
Best NH breakfast - Amulet.
Best NH lollies - State cinema.
Best NH beers and pub grub - Republic.
Best avoided - Jordy's, Raincheck, Taj Palace.

I believe Elizabeth's is on the market as a (n)on-going concern.. around $450,000 the lot.
And would someone please open a real Vietnamese joint (a la Phamish in Darlo) in the old Oyster Cove?

Zelda said...

NAh Ah...

Best NH breakfast - Kaos on Sunday. Who can go past $10 poached eggs, toast, tomatos, bacon and coffee???

Anonymous said...

(admittedly getting a bit specific...)

Best NH Thai Fish Cakes - Mai Tai

Kaos breakfast - yummie. All the things Zelda said and nice thick toast - no condiments though. Nice place to sit and speculate on which of the other customers had a better Sat. night than you.

I love Fish for takeaway, though I feel really guilty at paying a huge price for what is really just fish n'chips.

Anyone know what happened to Elizabeths? I went there a couple of times for breakfast and it seemed to be a happening place (plenty of customers etc), then next thing its closed. Under financed? Something tragic?

Anonymous said...

Which one's Jordy's? I can't place it and wouldn't want to accidentally wander in.

Anonymous said...

Jordy's is the one you haven't stumbled into because you read HRB! (It's next to that hopeless Freshco 'super'market.)

Update on breakfast at Amulet: outstanding. And the coffee is easily the best on The Strip. So: Saturday brekky at Amulet; Sunday brekky at Kaos.

Anyone been to the flash new Dukkah yet?

Anonymous said...

You guys dont have a fucken clue do you? Ive been a profession brewsta for over 21 years in some of new yorks and Londons finest establishments. Rain Check make amazingly consistant coffee, everyday, with some of the friendliest service in tasmania. Astro at Aroma has alway been renown for the best coffee in hobart and has never every let me down.

Please gett some sort of experience before you start writing people off!

And who ever you are Hoart Bitch, open your fucken eyes!

And get a real life!

Anonymous said...

So edifying when a restaurateur goes to print...

And experience is NOTHING: how long has Graeme Philips been reviewing? And can he tell - through the staggering nicotine buildup in his mouth, as much as anything - chicken shit from chicken salad? Not even close.

Coffee at Raincheck is consistent, alright. Consistently lousy.

Anonymous said...

'fucken guy' is so obnoxious - obviously in the trade and has nothing but contempt for the punters. Contempt probably reflected by the swill he serves his customers.

Agree with everyone but the 'fucken guy', Raincheck is bad - had an overly leafy salad covered and was shocked when I tasted the dressing - spew was the word that came to mind. I offered my friend a taste and she (totally unprompted) said, "tastes like sick." Looking at the guys behind the counter - not a smile (plastic or otherwise) to be seen.

On other news, I went to Kaos for breakfast this morning and was disappointed to see that the 2 eggs, bacon, tomato and hot drink $10 deal has gone. Its now 2 eggs, bacon, tomato, mushroom for a wapping $13.

Anonymous said...

Damn, that $10 deal was brilliant. Kaos, much as we love it at our place, is generally too expensive: $8 for cake, $6 for a virgin mary... The death of the $10 brekky brings it back to the pack.

Zelda said...

I asked about teh $10 brekky at Kaos. APPARENTLY it was a promo. BUGGER. Still love thier rye toast and avocado - with my subsititue bacon for tomato.

Stephen said...

If it was a promo it was a long running one, and one where they didn't advertise it as something special - ie it was just another item on the menu.

My guess is that they just decided to increase their prices. But that's their right, and I'll still go back.

Though Amulet might be interesting - do they do a hot breakfast with the requisite cholesterol and all the other things a growing boy needs to entice him out of bed on a Sunday morning?

Anonymous said...

Fish 349
The service is disgracefull. Went there the other night, ordered grilled flathead- received flathead and chips instead , then received a copy of the bill with the price difference circled on it - and was expected to pay for their mistake . Stuff this place - theyve lost me and my money !!!