Thursday, September 22, 2005

Kawasemi Moonah

Realising I would starve if I waited for you guys to give me the low down on the new Japanese tea house in Moonah (yes, Zelda, I know you tried to find it), thought I’d drop in today to suss it out. Fearing the worst I was excited to find not a single pre-prepared sushi pack.

The décor is tastefully Japanese, as is the sushi chef! He handed me a menu and I found a range of sushi was available. I ordered the mixed maki (nori rolls). It was made fresh while I waited. Mr Kawasemi (not his real name, I’m sure) handed me my 14 pieces and asked for $10 in return. Fair exchange I thought. And being a Japanese Tea House, sushi is not the sole focus at Kawasemi. There are Japanese curries and all sorts of stuff. And let’s face it, any Japanese menu that has a whole page devoted to Japanese desserts has to be interesting (coffee jelly for example!).

Now, here are my instructions:

Go to Kawasemi immediately. Have a look at the menu, order something that takes your fancy. Then book your staff Christmas function, your bah mitzvah, or your wake. Tell your friends, tell your enemies. I think it’s awesome that something as authentic as this is available in Moonah.

Well done Kawasemi-san!

(Actually Kawasemi is Japanese for Kingfisher)

Kawasemi Japanese Tea House
Dickenson’s Arcade
109 Main Rd Moonah
6278 1322


Zelda said...

Would you believe I found it by accident at 3pm this afternoon??? Might see if the paramour wants to investigate it for dinner tomorrow night....

Zelda said...

Bloody Hell Georgie....that place is amazing. S and I ate like pigs and left wanting more, even though we were stuffed. Am getting on the grapevine tomorrow to spread the word. We CANT let a place like that go unannounced/unrewarded.
Its a 10 times magnitude better than ANYTHING else in Hobart Japanese food wise. I reckon its even better than some of the Japanese resturants I used to frequent in Brisbane.

Ms Creosote said...

We had miso then the lunch platter.. more than enough to sink a ship. Fresh and tasty but the lunch menu's a bit predictable.

The experience was overshadowed by Kawasemi's awful location. No natural light, terrible acoustics, and way too much laminate.

On the plus side - speedy, friendly service.

Overall it's worth a try but they need to get out of that arcade.

Like A Tiger said...

Miss Creosote is right. Perhaps they can move to Chrome, that new place opposite Kaos? It's nice to look at but it is the worst cafe in Hobart. Bar none. Hell, it should be called BAR NONE.

$3.50 for ordinary coffee and, whatever you do, do not order the eggs from their (two-choice) breakfast menu. You've never eaten anything so wet and undercooked. And nor should you.

Georgie Weston said...

You are all absolutely gorgeous for giving this place a bash. I agree ... let's start a campaign to move Kawasemi to more seemly premises. I support them being in Moonah, but street frontage might be the go!

GW ;-)

Anonymous said...

I have been there twice - excellent food each time. Definitely best in Hobart - delicate yet confident and artistic.

As for the location, maybe we're seeing the start of a new North Hobart? Give it a decade though... Anyway, it doesn't turn me off that its on the wrong side of the Mason-Dixie line.

As for the decore, well, I like that its bare. I especially like that the waiting staff don't dress up in Kimono etc - after all, isn't it the food that speaks volumes?

Andy said...

"Mr Kawasemi" is Aki. He's a good Japanese-Australian bloke with an illustrious culinary history since young. He took a hiatus from chef duties when he relocated to Hobart a decade plus ago.

Kawasemi Teahouse is his comeback and is definitely Moonah's, if not Hobart's best kept secret! The bento sets are definitely worth your quid vis-à-vis similar offerings from the neighborhood.