Sunday, September 24, 2006

Taking It Sloe

Accidental discovery.

Leaning against the bar at T42 last night waiting for a friend, watching the night unfold. I spied a table of revellers. They all seemed to be drinking the same thing. It looked like Ribina on ice. Surely that can't be right.

I waited.

Sure enough one of the party approached the bar. A long explanation to the bartender followed her request for "More Icelandic vodka please."


Turns out this Icelandic vodka is called Ursus Roter. It is red. That's right, red vodka. From Iceland. Not only is it red vodka from Iceland, it's infused with sloe berries. Yes, the berries that aren't fast. And are famous for being a part of the Sloe Gin phenomenon.

Being the adventurous type I said to the barkeep "Barkeep ... I'll have what she's having."

Two shots of Ursus Roter, juice of half a lime and quarter of a lemon, over ice. No soda.

Ohmygodeffie, that's amazing!

The first sip bites your tongue, but from then on it's smooth sailing. It's tart, yet sweet, without being girlie (there were definitely blokes at the revelry table drinking it). The bottle has cavorting pandas on the label. After a couple of these babies I was ready to cavort with a panda or two myself.

My friend duly arrived. Noting my bright cheeks she asked if I'd just jogged to Teef in my stilettos. Nah, much better. I introduced her to the Icelandic bears. We were very happy.



Anonymous said...

Good to see you in fine form and giving us regular ``feeds'', HRB.
That month's delay was too long.
That drinks recommendation will be taken on board.
How about your faithful readers recommending places more regularly too?
I'd like to tell ``Bitchers'' about Seafood DeMayne at Snug.
It used to be Mother's Favourites or something.
They sell fresh fish but recently decided to do hot food.
We love it, the crumbed flathead fillets and crispy chips we had the other day were fantastic.
Fish and chips might not be top-shelp eating but most of us would agree that, done well, it's hard to beat.
We've eaten takeaway from Seafood DeMayne about half a dozen times now and it has been great, great, great.
And you can wolf it down just down the road at a very nice beach.
Cheers, Eric.

Anonymous said...

The tone of the post obviously conveyed to Eric that it's OK to peddle your wares on this blog. When will the pop-up advertising start?

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon

I suppose any review is an advertisement as such.

If you'd taken it in the spirit intended, a simple thankyou would suffice.
I do not have any commercial connection to the Seafood DeMayne business, nor Asian Teahouse at Blackmans Bay etc etc that I patronise.
I am glad to read of the recommendations of others but if no one else agrees I will, of course, desist.
Cheers, Eric

Georgie Weston said...

Dear Eric,

As you might be aware, my early entries to this blog pleaded with readers to share their thoughts, comments, and reviews. Many thanks to all readers who take the time to contribute, making this is a diverse blog with opinions for/from all.

Keep it up, I say.


Stephen said...

Over the weekend we had dinner at The Quarry in Salamanca Place.

I had the eye fillet with roasted baby beets, confit potato & red wine 'jus'. The steak was fine, but the jus was a water thin and flavourless nothingness (and there wasn't much of it...). The baby beets are a nice idea but they didn't add the flavour the steak really desperately needed.

Zelda had a tasting platter - the only memorable component of which was some kind of fried vegetable ball - yech, one bite and a tablespoon of absorbed oil filled the mouth. The palette could only be cleared by sloshing some shiraz around the gums. The remaining balls were left on the plate. Yech again.

But the main was soon forgotten when dessert arrived: CHOCOLATE FONDUE.

Hmmm, served with strawberries, marshmallows and lightly toasted raisin bread cubes, and two fondue forks for feeding each other. Very romantic for us, but the display probably had the other diners spewing in their napkins.

Oh, and whats with all the hair product covered, 22yo, t-shirted boys there? I raise this only because I'm aware that some over-weight, balding, 41 year olds might feel a bit dowdy in contrast. Not me, but others...

Garrulous Gourmet said...

HRB- I agree, Viva le Difference!
Stephen, "This sure 'aint Kansas Toto!" When will you confine your gastronomic choices to the clearly marked 40+ & over cachet? the Quarry is clearly for the, ahem, 'younger crowd'. I feel like a elder Capulet telling you where you should eat & it feels kinda....OK! GG

HRV said...

HRB - Vodka = Yum - HRV

LiSh said...

so my latest intrigues

Mezethes in Salamanca place

but wtf is the name of the evil(ly) good red vodka cocktail stuff at t42?

Anonymous said...

HRV = Daniel Alps?

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephen,
I went out and bought a fondue set after a similar chocolate experience. Tragic but true. Can't remember where all the old ones that were wedding presents got to! Like platform shoes,they're ba-ack...

Anonymous said...

sounds like someone has been living in a hole. That vodka has been on the shelf at T42 for about three years. No wonder no one in the industry takes you seriously...

Garrulous Gourmet said...

Hey Anon,
What a nasty response! So what if HRB didn't see the vodka at T42, I guess that makes you, 'eagle-eye-anon! You'd probably be good at 'Where's Wally?'also. My tip, if you are going to have a personal dig, have the courage to leave your name also.

hrv said...

No sorry I am not Daniel althopugh he is a very good chef and lovely bloke to boot

Stephen said...

foodkitty, has the fondue set lived in the back of the cupboard ever since? They really do fall into the "What was I thinking!!" category.

Stephen said...

Anon sneered: No wonder no one in the industry takes you seriously...

Carefull Anon, your insecurity is showing.

But don't worry, it'll be morning soon and then you'll be safe from the big bad Georgie-monster hiding under your bed.

Anonymous said...

I was on that table of revellers (it was my birthday). I was introduced to the delights of the sloe vodka that night.. It rocks!