Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Spice Up My Life

Sigiri used to do an authentic curry. A chicken curry consisted of a bowl of curry with a chicken drumstick sticking out. Similarly, a crab curry was a bowl of curry with a crab sticking out. I’m not kidding. Indie’s mother was in the kitchen doing all the cooking; Indie did front of house. The plastic table cloths mattered not a jot because the meals were cheap ($6 for a main) and damn good.

Sadly Sigiri went the way of all good things and invested in a bain marie. Standards dropped and Melbourne is now the worse for it.

So, when I read (admittedly a while ago) GP’s review of The Spice in Sandy Bay my curiosity was somewhat aroused. Allegedly, The Spice would prepare an Indian feast akin to what one might find in an Indian kitchen back home. All one had to do was ask.

Sadly, this wasn’t what we found. My sisters invited me out to The Spice recently in search of a Sigiri-style inspiration. We were very politely informed that the kitchen would prepare our dishes – from the menu – a bit hotter if we liked. That was it. Because, of course, all the dishes on the menu are ‘authentic’.

Well, bugger me.

The service at The Spice was very friendly and welcoming. We were quite happy with the dishes we ate (although they weren’t hot enough after all, but that’s just us being bogans). The ambience was a bit too bright though, dampening the mood.

GP’s review was stuck to the wall inside the front door. Mocking me.


Anonymous said...

Your first mistake was to take notice of GP review. They are nothing more than him feathering his nest.

Stephen said...

My current favourite curry venue is Annapurna in North Hobart. I rediscovered it a couple of months ago after forgetting about it for several years. Yum

Anonymous said...

My best cafe is the Citrus moon in Kingston.
the best resatuarnat in Hobart is Prossers by a mile.

Marc said...

Have you tried Tas Ceylon on Augusta Road in Lenah Valley? It's a newish Sri Lankan place which operates out of an old take away shop. To keep the old clientele happy, they still keep some of the usual take away crap out but hey, while they wait for better customers to show up, they still have to eat.

They also have the bain marie out during lunch but if you get there around 12:00 the food has only just got out. They do an amazing pork curry. They also have some really interesting dishes in the evening. Things like "hopper"... essentially a little rice flour pancake with various condiments and sauces.

Plus, they are really friendly although HRB pet peeve, service at the tables can be... slow. However, you can spend the time admiring the gorgeous black velvet art on the walls.

Stephen said...

I've been to Tas Ceylon a couple of times - though take-away only. Fine for suburban food. I actually bought some artwork that I saw hanging up - but that was under the previous operation when it was still a mere fish&chippery.

Nevertheless, its an odd mix a cuisine - "Can i have a dollar twentys chips, two potato cakes and a piece of flake, oh, and a Sambol Udang - with sauce thanks."

Anonymous said...

Dear Marc and Stephen,

I take it you are among the "better customers".

Anonymous said...

I tried the Spice too, around the time of the ``you can ask for authentic style'' or standard item craze.
Me and the missus were disappointed. It was all a bit of a mess, sad to say.
Not bad, just mediocre.
Really, for a decent Indian (Bangla, Paki) curry, you really have to go to....Britain.
But there are lots of lousy places there too.

Anonymous said...

zzzz zzzzz zzzz

Anonymous said...

Where the _uck is The Bitch?!

Anonymous said...

In her much- missed absence, let's talk amongst ourselves.

I had my first Fitburger on Saturday and it's the best I've ever had. Makes the fast-food usuals look a bit sad.
Me and the missus shared two varieties... a jalapeno number and a mustard and pickle.

Choice of rolls was available, so we went for grain.

Look, they were huge and a meal in themselves with nice salad on them etc.

No need for starter or chips!


Approved, cheers Eric.
PS it's down on the waterfront next to Fish Frenzy.

Anonymous said...

dear anon i have to dis agree citrus moon was terrible last time i was there and prossers was worse!!!