Thursday, March 15, 2007


I'm stumped and I'm spewing. Not only do I have no idea where to go to dinner tomorrow night, I just wrote a great blog rave about this frustration, only to lose my musings into the bland blogosphere.
Now I'm really, really cross.
And none the wiser re where to go for dinner. Oh, why is it so hard. We're a capital city. We have lots of clever people here. And we have lots of great produce. The sinful fact is I'm bored. Bored, bored, bored.

I want somewhere new, or at least somewhere with a new menu. What happened to all those promises of exciting new playpens for all us little hoglets. What happened to the new Mee Wah in Magnet Court? And what happened to Ruby Chard. Oh, I'm so tired of waiting Chris, just put us all out of our misery.

Lately this site has run the risk of becoming a travelogue for the overpaid and undersexed. Why? Because there is stuff all to say about the local scene. Yes, yes, I know. Lots of people are doing great things here. But greatness is only great the first or second time. By dinner number three, staring down the same menu ain't all it's cracked up to be.

So, here I am. Stumped, cranky, and bored. Better have another glass of wine.



Georgie Weston said...

Oh. And I forgot to add: petulant and whining.

Anonymous said...

Alexanders @ the Lenna is supposed to be great. New Autumn menu as well.

Christina said...

Hi Georgie,
Nice to hear from you again.
Just for something completely different, a group of us went to Siam Garden Restaurant in Bathurst St. this week.
The food was excellent and proves that you don't have to spend a fortune for a great meal. I'm not a big Thai fan myself but I dined on Beef salad with herbs and lemon juice for entree, served with or without as much heat as you can handle' and Deep fried fish in fresh ginger and vegetable sauce. It was divine. Simple and beautifully flavoured. A whole piece of trevalley, lightly battered and covered in this wonderful sauce. Something to be said for small, casual dining sometimes.
A group of us go out for dinner once a month. If anyone has any suggestions of would like some feedback, all suggestions would be gratefully accepted. We're starting to repeat ourselves. But how can we NOT go to D'Angelos every third or fourth month.
Come on Georgie and friends, Inspire us!!!

Anonymous said...

Just heard that Rockerfellers is no more. Bernadette Wood is apparently tired of trying to live up to its expectations and it was time to start afresh. Now called "The Catch". Anyone been there and what type of cuisine????

Zelda said...

Hoick yourself up to Lonnie and go eat at the Terrace (yeah yeah I know hotel resturant) but the 2 meals i have had there in the last two weeks have been sublime. They are the only place I know who are serving Iberica Jamon, and their trio of game meats is GOOD.
Other than that - know any decent places in devonport?

Anonymous said...

Zelda - a lot of Restaurants are serving Iberia Jamon, you just have to look outside the square.

Georgie, perhaps I could suggest looking in the phone book and working throught the list of restaurants and maybe you will find something different!

The Catch I believe is going to be another Salamanca Seafarce (sorry seafood) restaurant that will more than likely serve shitty imported seafood and the holy trilogy without flair. Probably unfair I know but we all know where the good stuff goes right?

Anonymous said...

Typical youthful reaction. If someone isn't standing on their head in front of you amusing you all the time you complain.
You want someone to do something new for you with the basic foodstuffs that are here already.

You live in Hobart. We already have enough restaurants to pick from for variety. Our chefs stack up well against others.

Get over it.

Christina said...

Sometimes, {quite often actually}, I feel this blog site should be called a "bitch" site.
Someone is always having a go at some one else. These people usually go by the name "anon".
What happened to sharing an appreciation of food and the fun that mostly goes with it.
Instead people are looking down their noses at others and judging them by where they eat and drink. { I left the great coffee debate right alone!}
Each to their own, every one has a different taste in food and fun.
One man's trash is another man's treasure.
Surely we can all look back on crappy dining moments and laugh about it now.
I mostly look in to find any tips on where to go next and to share my experiences with like minded foodies, instead half the time I find myself in the middle of a bitch fest.
I know every one has a right to speak their mind, but surely other peoples opinions should also be respected.
Very long winded I know.
Going now.

horsey-doover said...

christina said....

'Sometimes, {quite often actually}, I feel this blog site should be called a "bitch" site.'

It IS. Hobart Restaurant BITCH.

'Someone is always having a go at some one else. These people usually go by the name "anon".'

Sounds like someone having a BITCH to me! You may be right christina, although I haven't done a survey. My reason for being anonymous is it's easier and quicker and more preferable to "signing up". I'm a lazy bugger...

'One man's trash is another man's treasure.'

...and other cliche's....

'Surely we can all look back on crappy dining moments and laugh about it now.'

What's so funny about paying to be treated like crap? Again??

'I mostly look in to find any tips on where to go next and to share my experiences with like minded foodies, instead half the time I find myself in the middle of a bitch fest.'

HELP! I find myself in the middle of a BITCHFEST!!!

Wanna good tip? I've got one. If you care about good food - cook it yourself. I had to bloody learn and it's far superior to eating food prepared by someone who invariably has a different interpretation of personal hygiene than you do. If indeed, they've heard of the term at all.

And if you think I'm kidding, just head to your favourite local establishment.... but don't go in - just hang around the back door. Especially when staff are on a "ciggie break". Cast an eye over the range of humanity on offer. And keep that image in your mind.

Still hungry?

kayezee said...

Settle!! OK! It's "Hobart Restaurant Bitch" but get over the personal.
Cook if you want to........but I like trying other peoples' stuff. Be hygiene concious? God - what can you eat? Do you check every bit of food's provenance?
Try TasCeylon. Little ex-fish n chip shop in Augusta Road. Authentic. Unpretentious.
Drumsticks and okra great!
Ask for it when you ring. OK - it's BYO but wow!
And Kawasemi's (night-time) kaisei salad is a dream...if you like octopus, salmon, seaweed and lemony dressing.
Make THAT at home horsey! Or maybe you only go to the pretentious places.
Let's share ideas about restaurants - not personal crap.
Thanks Georgie and Christina.
PS horsey-doover, if you're going to bitch about someone's cliches watch the improper apostrophe!

Anonymous said...

Anyway... geting back to the focus...
FOOD and RESTAURANTS, what about Lebrina?? Its beena while since Ive been there, but I would class it as the best in Hobart...

horsey-doover said...

Can everyone please get over the "get over it" over-simplification? I'm over it.

kayezee sez:

"Let's share ideas about restaurants - not personal crap."

Aye-aye Cap'n! And thanks for the hot tips re: your fave milk-bar food... how marvellously unpretentious you are.

"Thanks Georgie and Christina."

Spare us the feeble private messaging to your Sisters. No-one likes a suck.

"PS horsey-doover, if you're going to bitch about someone's cliches watch the improper apostrophe!"

Apologies for the improper apostrophe. You boring ignoramus.

Georgie Weston said...

Going back to one of my earlier postings, the purpose of this site is to have a bitch, not be a bitch.


Christina said...

Yay Georgie!!!,
Anyway, I,ve not been to Lebrina but would love to have been. Some of the reviews I've read scare me little. I heard a whisper that they like you to spend at least $40.00 a head etc. Doesn't stop me wanting to go though.
I've been to Fee and Me in Launny, after we were married, and saved for a while, and even though it was over 3 years ago I still talk about it now. SUBLIME!
We dined at Mee Wah in February. Very nice. Fresh, great quality ingredients, but slightly overpriced.
I have a few ambitions, Peppermint Bay, Novaros,Stillwater. IT WILL HAPPEN.
Lots of Launceston restaurants I know, maybe cos I live in Hobart and have been to more places here.
Anyway, off to good old reliable Da Angelos on Thursday. I can smell it already. Can't wait. Has any one else noticed I'm a little addicted.

Stephen said...

Perhaps try Jean Pascal's new restaurant? If nothing else the desserts should be good!

Stephen said...

Anon said: a lot of Restaurants are serving Iberia Jamon, you just have to look outside the square.



Anonymous said...

I would tell you where Stephen but that would lift the lid on my anonimity!

Anonymous said...

Pear Ridge, Margate - NEVER AGAIN.

there with 3 other people for dinner.

waitress describes side order of vegetables to be in a white sauce - we received ratattouille.

Mains came out with live escardot happily suckling on the garnishes. yum!

management or chef didn't want to know us when we sent the plates back explaining about the snails.

Obviously a place where staff training, customer service & proper health and safety procedures are of a high priority.

Anonymous said...

I'm not having a go here, but $40 a head is really really cheap. maybe a main and a bad glass of wine? at a place like lebrina anyway.

Christina said...

I agree anon, it's not bad, but I thought it gave them an air of snobbery. A lot of people would save up to go to dinner there, or any where for that matter, and to be told you must spend so much to be able to dine at a particular place is a bit off putting.

Anonymous said...

I think it's good and it's bad, $40 a head isn't much compared to what alot of places charge on the mainland. It just depends on how it is executed. You'd hope though that a restaurant like that though that they would be aiming for at least a minimum of a $100 spend per guest.

From a management point of view (no I don't work there) I think the minimum charge isn't always a bad idea, especially when you get groups of people who will just order entree's or who cancel at the last minute leaving you with tables that you can't really do anything with because it's usually frowned upon to be moving tables around half way through service or having people just sitting in the restaurant not spending money when paying guests are actually wanting a table.

As off putting as it is, restaurants need to make money to stay open. It's there way of assuring themselves a steady income.

Anonymous said...

Lebrina -
This is from a group of four people who dined there about 5 months ago:
The go is $40 per head min for food only, they spent $240 between the four of them, consisting of 2 entrees (shared) 4 mains and 2 desserts (shared). Their bill with wine pushed over $550. When they got their bill, it had been amended to include 4 entrees and 4 desserts. They asked the waiter thinking there had been a mistake and he said "I saw you sharing your entrees and desserts"!!!!! They then pointed out that they had had more than their $40 minimum spend, and then asked them to leave "I don't want to discuss this further, please just leave"!
Food for thought!

Stephen said...

Uh, that is a horrible tale. What an idiotic moronic dumb stupid policy. How crass can they be to take $550 from a table for four and then enforce the rule. I cannot believe such customer unfriendly stupidity.

No way can I reward such behaviour.

[walks away, shaking head, tut tutting, while crossing Lebrina off list of restaurants to try]

Don C said...

Well Georgie, I too have these black spots where nothing is good enough. I fix this by plenty of wine and beer and go on a stock making extravaganza at home. It works well on all levels. You end up with great stock and a headache.
When are we going to get a half decent chinese place??????
I dont know!
Don C

Anonymous said...

Raincheck Lounge Sat night. Rang at 5.30 to get a table for 4 at 6.30 (had somewhere to be). Restaurant empty. Bit worried. Great service and the best food I have had in ages. simple, well presented, well priced absolutely cranking dishes - eye fillet, veggie curry, chicken something and pork something else. All wonderful. Place was picking up as the evening went along. Will be rushing back.

Anonymous said...

Re: Raincheck
Just stay away from the sticky date!

Anonymous said...

so when are you going to start blogging again? finally realised that you actually don't really know too much about food?

Anonymous said...

Yay, anonymous!!!

christina said...

Went to the Republic for lunch on Sunday. SUBLIME!!!!
Had cajun spiced trevalla, caesar salad, and lamb with pesto and char grilled vegetables. Oh so wonderful!
Lamb melted in the mouth. Lucky I wasn't alone.
Great atmosphere, better food, fantastic wine. LOVE IT!!!!

once a chef said...

MMM.theres is a new incarnation of Montys in montpelier retreat...
New to the state, sounds good.

Anonymous said...

Hey if your looking for great food in Devonport then you should try Essence.. Great small restaurant.. intimate, warm and inviting atmosphere.