Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sweet White Flesh

It's crayfish season. Crayfish, crayfish, crayfish. Sucking the flesh from those spiny red legs. Tearing the meat from the tail and sliding it strip by strip into my mouth.
I love crayfish. I can't dive, but my friends can. And do. Why, this very weekend I lazed on the beach while the aquatic-types did their wetsuit-clad thing (no cray pots for them - this in hands on!). From the shore, watching their black neoprene bums bobbing I fantasised about wearing some Esther Williams style swimsuit and diving to the ocean floor, wrestling a cray from his rocky lair and springing to the surface, hair gleaming. At the end of this particular fantasy I walk triumphantly to the shore like Ursula Andress, knife strapped to my thigh. Instead, I satisfy myself with the knowledge that, although I may look more like Shelly Winters in the Poseidon Adventure than Ursula Andress and couldn't catch a cray to save myself, I can eat more crayfish than anyone else I know. In some circles that is akin to drinking a Russian under the table, vodka for vodka. Mmmm ... vodka and crayfish. Oooh, what a combination.
Aahh, crayfish season. How I love thee. And have you seen the great fat scallops this season? What's not to love about this place?

p.s. Yes I know. Crayfish is not a restaurant. Get over it.


Anonymous said...

Lucky you, GW.

I enjoy people enjoying, so to speak and my wife probably can go claw to claw with you in the crayfish stakes!
By the way, I notice Gobbler has changed his set-up. Us anons have been locked out.
If he is only looking for ``vetted'' comments (putting to one side libel and crudity) then it will be a watered down affair and even fewer will bother to tune in.

other said...

Haw Haw

"By the way, I notice Gobbler has changed his set-up. Us anons have been locked out."

Or should we say Lord Haw Haw

Sir Grumpy you are a transparent & sad twat!

get your own blog!

Or dont you have anything to say worth dissecting?

Anonymous said...

I see Gobbler is now availing himself of other blogs but won't face the heat on his.

A bit rich, don't you think?

And the tone is still the same.

A sad case, really. Has Hobart rejected him? Does he feel unloved?

Yes and Yes.

Anonymous said...

PS and nothing relevant to your interesting piece on crayfish, GW.

PPS, what is the going rate on a crayfish around town?

Georgie Weston said...

Recent temptation to purchase sadly small crayfish netted a retail price of $35. Needless to say, temptation quickly waned. Crayfish eating exploits for me are limited to those caught fresh from the ocean depths by generous friends. Rare indeed.

Anonymous said...

GW, someone told me there's a place at Howden does ``seconds'' in crayfish.

These are supposedly not A1 in presentation but otherwise A1.

Come on bloggers, where is it, and how much cheaper?

The missus deserves a treat.

Sir Grumpy


Stephen said...

What would constitute a crayfish second??

[strolls away picturing a crayfish with a wooden leg]

Anonymous said...

Probably that Stephen, perhaps a ``broken'' crayfish, not in the whole!
That's what I was told and took it on trust.
Ah well.

Maybe they're just cheap. I'll have to get the chauffeur to drive me and Lady Fair round Howden in search of Crayfish Nirvana.
One has to save pennies here and there to enable one's lavish lifestyle otherwise.

Maybe Whitey will know the keenest sources?

Are you there, Whitey...we need your fiscal skills.

Cheers, Sir Grumpy.

Whitey said...

Sir Grumpy,

Apologies for the delay.

While the idea of crayfish seconds does have a lot of appeal to me, many years ago I retrieved a crayfish shell split in two from the back of Mures.

For the wife's once a year crayfish treat I put six or so seafood sticks in the blender and then fill the shell up with this.

No complaints so far.

Whitey said...

This word verification is making me a bit dizzy!

Christina said...

Dined at Eating on the Edge at Lauderdale the other night. Having not been before I wasn't sure what to expect.
Pretty much an Italian menu as it turned out. Pretty basic really,all the usual, except for the amazing Fegatto. Chicken livers, bacon, onion,creamy sauce with perfect penne pasta. Worth a trip back anytime. Also had a very,very nice calamari dish,marinated in olive oil and verjuice served on an italian salad with fetta.
Wine list was okay and very reasonably priced.
We're off to Anatolia soon. Any feedback or suggestions on that one?

Rita said...

Christina - look at my blog for recent trip to Anatolias if you want some feedback.

Stephen said...

My favourite Anatolia dish is Tavuk Dolma - basically chicken breast filled with herbs and mushrooms on a bed on that really nice flavoured rice they do.

Stephen said...

Hmm, the northhobart.com restaurants web page seems to have expired - looks like someone forgot to pay the bill. Oops.

But we still have the google cache for Anatolia:

Christina said...

Thanks so much Stephen and Rita. Always great to get a couple of points of view. I'll let you know how we go.