Sunday, November 27, 2005


Not everyone obsessively studies the employment section of the newspaper each week. For those who don't, I found an interesting listing on Saturday.

The recruitment ad said Grape will be a wine bar and specialist bottle shop. It looks like Grape will step into the old Zum site (I'm guessing from the address listed on the ad, but correct me if I'm wrong).

A dedicated wine bar and bottle shop for Salamanca? About bloody time!

So all you shit-hot wine hounds out there. Get you arse down to Grape and grab those jobs by the horns (you have to turn up at Grape at 5-ish on Monday night).

And hurry up about it, I'm thirsty.



Anonymous said...

Ugh. Poor Grape. One of the principals of this establishment is an ex Club Surreal lad with dyed hair who fancies himself as as an exployter of young girls. His abilities for the trade are very slim indeed. Ho Hum.

Anonymous said...

Actually Grape is going next to Sals. And as for the principals I assume you are referring to the manager who may well be a bit of a tosser but his abilities for the job are excellent. By the way despite what it may seem i have nothing to do with the place - I just manage to get my facts right.