Thursday, November 24, 2005

Lansdowne Cafe

I wasn't speeding (I promise), but as I sky-rocketed around Lansdowne Crescent this afternoon I spied a new sign. Finally the little old hair salon that has been teasing for what seems like years, is coming through with the goods. The front door was open, I saw chromey stuff and chocolatey coloured stuff, and someone's bum. It had clothes on, don't get too excited. Not open yet, but there was a definite "opening-soon" look about the place.

Last year I went into conniptions at the opening of Jean Jacques on Goulburn St (near corner of Molle St). And I sing to the hills every time I have any of their delectable little tarts or their scrumptious breads (have been known to scoff a whole loaf in a day, but don't tell anyone!). But alas their coffee is sad. Latest little tattle tale told of being served a "short black" that was actually a long black in a small cup. Gasp!

But, Jean Jacques promises to be a patisserie, not a cafe.

So, Lansdowne Cafe, as you are not promising to be a patisserie, a boulangerie, a bum-crackery, or a knackery, but indeed a CAFE, I'm afraid I'm getting my hopes up.

I'm waiting with bated breath!
GW ;-)


Anonymous said...

yeah but who is going to go to it? Does that part of the world have any foot traffic? You'd go there from someplace else if it was really good but I've heard that the principal couldn't organise a cliché in a brewery...
One very good floor staff person from what-passes-for-a-cbd cafe is going to work there. It might work. But I doubt it.

Zelda said...

Hmmmmm...well lets see what happens shall we? It might end up being supported by mothers from the local school...THAT would make for interesting rush hours.

Anonymous said...

Some suggested solutions to having to worry so much about such things ... unemployment, mental illness, or just having to work very hard for long hours to pay the mortgage on an unfashionable house without a to-die-for view. Heaven forbid, you could even try being black and unemployed.

Stephen said...

Hi Anon, just want to remind you to eat your greens because there are starving people in Ethiopia.

Oh, and have you cured cancer yet? No?? Then how dare you waste your time browsing the Bitch's page?? Get those test tubes out and get to work.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Bitch, This Anon has allowed Stephen to hijack the conversation (as Steve always would). This Anon is no more. Regards and keep up the good work. (... and Steve, I'm not sad or lonely, not at all).

Ms Creosote said...

Good coffee, nice muffins, lovely vibe. I like it.

My side order had one complaint - the strong smell of a nearby privet. It reminded me of spring.