Thursday, November 17, 2005

Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens ...

Summer’s coming (can you feel it?), and I’d like to reflect on a few of my favourite things:

  1. Sitting in the sun sipping champagne or coffee
    * T42 (wins hands down) – Elizabeth Pier
    * Blue Skies (gasp) – Murray St waterfront
  2. Making a pig of myself in a fancy frock with nice shoes
    * Marque IV – Elizabeth Wharf
    * Stillwater River Café - Launceston
  3. Making a pig of myself in jeans and a t-shirt
    * Mai Ake – Elizabeth St, Nth Hobart
    * Mmmm, struggling, ummm, my house?
  4. Making a pig of myself on holidays
    * Franklin Manor - Strahan
    * Supper Inn – Celestial Lane, Melbourne
    * Dish – Cnr Johnson and something Sts, Byron Bay
    * Matterhorn – Cuba St, Wellington (more on that later!)
  5. Lunching lazily on a Sunday with a hangover
    * Yum Cha at Sens – Elizabeth St, North Hobart
    * Fish and Chips from Mykonos (with Nan's home-made tomato sauce) on the floor at home
  6. Having a “meeting” (aka Liquid Lunch)
    * T42
    * Blue Skies (for location)
    * Henry Jones Atrium (if it’s raining) – Hunter St
  7. Having an orgasm
    * No details necessary – just seeing if you’re paying attention
  8. Having a blood red steak
    * Hill St Butcher and then cooked at home
  9. Friday night DVD and take away
    * Butter Chicken from Little India and something stupid like “Dude where’s my car”
    * Sushi platter from Orizuru and something sci-fi like “Minority Report”
    * Chilli Prawn Fettucine from Paesano (and don’t “pae-lease” me again, it’s still good!) and something cool like “The Incredibles”
  10. Mad nights with friends
    * Group booking Yum Cha and karaoke (oh the shame) at The Loft / Aromas of Asia – Galleria Arcade, Salamanca ... followed by dancing like Kath Day-Knight at Syrup
    * Dinner parties at my place (tomorrow night, beef rib roast, bottles of Craigie Knowe Cab Sav … you’re all invited!)

Feel free to add your faves.

By the way ... Haul your arse to Trout in North Hobart tomorrow (Friday) night, Syrup on Saturday arvo, or Lewisham Tavern on Sunday to check out Velure. Saw them live in Melbourne, way cool, my fave of the mo' (cross between George and Massive Attack). Wish they were playing somewhere I could engage in a gorgeous cocktail to suit the Velure mood.



Zelda said...

Sun with Champagne or coffee

Pig with fancy frock and nice shoes

Pig in Jeans and T-shirt
Beach house at Kingston
Kingfisher Japanese Tea House at Moonah.

Pig on Holidays
My mums place
Rue de Paris on Park Road at Milton in Brisbane.

Sunday with Hangover

Blood red steak
Ball and chain
my place

Friday night DVD and takeaway
Harry Potter and fish and chips from "Ugly fish"

Mad night with Friends
Petes back garden, everyone brings a plate, we invite all the neighbours and turn the music on loud.

Anonymous said...

You pretentious wankers have too much time on your hands.

Stephen said...

I suspect Anon must be terribly insecure because s/he believes that the simply act of people talking about their favourite places equates to them being pretentious wankers.

Then anon exposes his/her insecurity for all to see by pretending that people who actually get out of the house and find their favourite places have too much time on their hands.

I wonder how much free time poor, sad and lonely Anon actually has? A lot I suspect. Kinda sad.

Stephen said...

That said, Anon raises an interesting point, anyone care to nominate the most pretentious wanking restaurant in Hobart?

Anonymous said...

Dunno about most pretentious but most of our Fine Dining is still pretty low key: Lebrina, Elbow Room, Marque IV... The Astor Grill fancies itself a little, but that's about the only one I can think of.

How about most over-rated? Mures tops my list.

Ms Creosote said...

Please add Kelleys to the most over-rated list.

Stephen said...

Mures gets my vote for most overrated - it screams tourist trap.

But the first Mures in Battery Point was wonderful (and that's from a person who doesn't really go for seafood), alas that's a 20 year old memory.

Stephen said...

Maybe the Wrest Point Revolting Restaurant once held 'pretentious wanker' award? That said, haven't been there for a decade or more.

oh, is it fair play to nominate a hotel restaurant??

Anonymous said...

Another pretentious candidate = "Prossers" extremely disappointing presentation, prices and quality (but a spectacular view)!

Should have just had fish and chips from "Fish Bar" on the beach instead!

Anonymous said...

Little India, had best learn about the ingredients they sell in their dishes. Instead of blithely selling their food to make a buck, spare a thought for those of us who may have allegies to a particular food or spice. Please double check with chef!!!