Friday, November 18, 2005


Where the hell do I get off reviewing music?

Just got back from the Velure gig at Trout. Meagre crowd, but they got into it. And well they should. As I mentioned the other day, Velure are a tasty mix of Massive Attack and George, with a nice touch of Portishead thrown in for good measure.

Oh, and Mercury-music-reviewer-whose-name-I've-so-easily-forgotten ... Velure are indeed a live band. Having heard the CD first (and yes, I've heard them live before), there live sound is as fresh and hypnotic as the CD is intoxicating.

Think you've missed out? Saturday 5-7pm at Syrup and Sunday arvo at the Lewisham. Get there. I don't care if you have to sell your grandmother's soul to the devil. Just do it.

Failing that, their CD "Care for Fading Embers" is available from Tracks Music in Murray St or Aroma in Elizabeth St. If they don't have it in stock (clearly they could have sold out), get them to order it in from Shock Records. Then slap them for not having more in stock!

And for their next tour, lets get the bloody Uni Bar and the Republic on side!

GW (music review impostor extraordinaire!)


Stephen said...

Coincidentally, playing Portishead this very moment.

Tavern traveller said...

lewisham closed, licensee lost his liquor license, why????????

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip Georgie - caught them at Syrup on Saturday arvo and they were excellent. Can't say the same for the vocally challenged, angst-ridden, college rockers who started the show, but that's art I guess.

You did fail to mention that Velure's lead singer:
plays a piano accordion occasionally (very gallic - loved it!)
is heavily pregnant (only 10 weeks to go apparently).

Very entertaining - but would have been so much better in a bigger and brighter venue.


eric said...

Eric Said

Well Geogie,

Music is the food of love.

Ms Creosote said...

One phone call confirms the Lewisham Tavern is alive and kicking. Phew!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to thank The Mercury for erroneously listing Velour and Nick Barker as playing at The Republic on Friday and Saturday nights last weekend (26-27/11).

It only cost me 2 hours and $25 to discover their utter incompetance. I eagerly await the mea culpa in this Thursday's Pulse ...