Sunday, December 18, 2005


Had dinner at T42 last night. It had been so long, and it was such a gorgeous rain-stormy night. Couldn't resist the opportunity to sit by the waterside and dine big time. We ate late. The place was pumping with large tables of Christmas-party diners, so we plonked ourselves outside to enjoy the night air.

Kicked off with a dozen natural oysters - plump and sea-water fresh - while hoeing into a great bottle of D'Arenberg cabernet. Followed this up with prawn and pumpkin risotto and kangaroo. The roo was tender and juicy and the risotto was great. My tip: unless suffering severe malnutrition, order entree sizes for both courses. Serving sizes are very generous here.

In a nutshell, Teef is a pretty great venue all round. It can get noisy inside on weekends in summer, which makes outdoor dining a must unless you like that kind of noisy ambience. The menu is usually peppered with tempting options and the food doesn't disappoint (well, has never disappointed me anyway). Love the staff, love the winelist, even love their coffee!


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Frothing Fornicator said...

Some people are anal about how to make a long black, I'm one of those.
I ordered my long black at T42 on Friday at lunchtime.
I described the way I wanted it made,they knew exactly what I was talking about and made it that way.
It was a really good coffee.
I was happy.