Saturday, December 31, 2005

A Yucky Taste

Bloody hell. All I wanted was tempura mushrooms, not mushrooms with the shit battered out of them. Once upon a time, wee little Georgie Weston could stand at the Huon Valley Tempura Mushroom stall at Taste and wait in line while fresh little mushrooms were turned out for hungry little diners like me. They were so popular that sometimes I had to wait to have my mushrooms made fresh on the spot. They were sweet, juicy, and scrummo! So last night, on a nostalgic whim, I returned to dig into some tempura mushrooms.

These were not tempura mushrooms. These were battered mushrooms. They were hideous.

Thank god I had the Lalla Gully (pinot grigio this time) to save the day.


p.s. Have a great New Years Eve tonight … might see you at the Taste for a glass of bubbles.


Zelda said...

Avoiding taste, going to Gondwana. MAybe see you on the waterfront for the fireworks? Look for the chick in the white dress with black flowers, and shivering!! Dunno what Stephen is wearing!

Anonymous said...

Yea. Those Tempura mushrooms have really gone downnnn hill. Ours were like tree stumps and saturated with oil.Never again.

David R.

Christina said...

Glad it wasn't just us then. Compared to earlier years, what a let down.