Sunday, November 07, 2004

Complacency is Catching

I’ve been doing some research to provide you with some alternate points of view, thinking perhaps we have been off on a Tas-Bash rant of late. I’ve been reading the Tasmanian Times ( letters page this morning, and began to dread becoming Mr Roos or Ms/Mr KB (read: ranting and/or bitter-&-twisted). So I resolved (1) to keep these blogs brief and to the point. Then I jumped the link to the Review Hobart site ( Goodness me, what a pretty site. Unfortunately the reviews of Bangkok Wok and Island Café seemed to me, how-shall-I-say … naff? Please forgive me, but the reviewers came across as if they were trying to prove that they really are good writers, and these reviews really are just a hobby. (Cue images of eager-beaver writing students dressed as Sugar Plum Fairies). Well, hey, nothing wrong with that, but surely the point of a review site is to review … not to promote. So then I resolved to (2) maintain this site’s initial intention … spew forth with seething, burning, indigestion-inducing rage at being force-fed expensive, lazy, tourist-food.

So. Yesterday, I was speaking with an acquaintance in the hospitality industry about this very issue. I said: blah, blah, blah “so complacent”. She said: “Have you tried Lickerish?”. I said: blah, blah, blah “yeah, it’s alright, but …”. She said: “Yeah, but it’s the best out there at the moment”.

And I rest my case Your Honour!

GW the HRB


Anonymous said...

referring to the conversation about coffee...
had a coffee at Chris Jackman's new haunt in Vic St Hobart. As I expected the coffee was great. Good on ya Midas! The food looked FAB as well but didn't venture there yet! Emphasis on yet!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that Barry ... By the way, I need to keep kicking myself in the shins to remind myself that when people refer to the new Choux Shop they're not referring deliriously to a new Shoe Shop. My point being there does seem to be much excited chatter about the New Jackman (as opposed to the Hugh Jackman) experience!

GW the HRB

tastiger said...

Coffee at the Choux Shop this week was fine.

The pie, however, appeared to have come from the Shoe Shop. Tough meat, soggy crust. Not good.

Anonymous said...

hello, im a 24 yesr old Barista, ive just moved to Hobart four weeks ago and have been out trying to find work, ive been over turned by cafe's due to the fact im a guy. the issue im seeing is that none of the cafe's ive visited have got trained staff.. the word Barista is thrown around way to easily and should be stopped. the only cafe' ive found that is really good and makes an ammazing coffee is Jackman & McRoss Victoria street Hobart. SErvice with a smile taken to the next leave with great fresh produces