Monday, November 01, 2004

A Little Seafood Spray

Well here I go. Less than 24 hours since the site came into being and I’m away with a bit of a spray. First, let me say I am not going to pull punches on this site. Names will be named – it is my intention to be firm but fair. However, this will hurt you much more than it will hurt me!

Living in the land of milk and honey, one can be forgiven for expecting two things. Milk. And Honey. So, on an island one can perhaps be forgiven for expecting two things. Seafood. And knowledge in its preparation. (Although we do have lots of cows and bees, so I think we may just squeeze into the milk and honey category too!)

Now hear this: The nineteen-eighties are over!

Fish live in water, that does not mean they are equally at home being drowned in sauces! An old adage handed down to me by the late great Ida O’Malley reads: if you can’t smell the fish in the fish dish, something’s off! Well, all right, Ida probably never really said that … but she would have if she’d thought of it first.

So, back to naming names. How is it that Prosser’s and Mure’s consistently win so many seafood awards? And why is it that so many Hobartians love Kelley’s. I don’t know the answer – except to say that the Holy Trinity of Divine Dining (food, service, ambience) is not evident in these three establishments. They are each in their own ways a bit like a wonky wheelbarrow spilling seafood chowder about the garden.

Granted, Kelley’s seafood treatment isn’t bad. But is it me or are Ken Done tablecloths and poorly framed photos of the owner/chef/whoever surfing really going to make me feel better about the bill at the end of the night? AMBIENCE … You have a lovely, historic cottage in which to weave your magic. Don’t be so lazy Kelley’s and co (cos you’re not alone in this crime!).

As for Mure’s and Prosser’s … that’s just an appetiser. I’m going to save them up for later. Digest the above, give me your feedback, and maintain the rage!

Happy dining!

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Anonymous said...

Very funny! I think you are spot on. If you weren't so right with your critique I would laugh a little harder.