Thursday, November 18, 2004

A Peek Into Another World

Like Alice through the Looking Glass, so did Georgie Weston step gingerly into the world of literature this evening. I attended a book launch for a writer I did not know. The editor of the Tasmanian Times ( was acting as the "introducer" for the author and was introduced by a third man wearing a leather jacket and Greek sailor's cap. With my trusty glass of wine in my hand the irony struck me: This is like the scene from Bridget Jones' Diary when Mr Tits-Pervert needed Bridget to introduce him before he could introduce the author! Far be it for this humble writer to criticise literary protocol (I'm sure this is traditional, polite practice at such events, not a comment on individual's egos), but it made me chuckle. The introducer (Linz to some, Tuffin to others) was true to his reputation - fine words, sharp wit, good grace. The local author in question, Geoff Dean, previously unknown to me (not that that's saying much), impressed with his verve, his style, his painterly words, his sensitivity, and his hat. His book is called 'The Literary Lunch: Selected Stories'.

In attending this event, I was humbled to think that this site is a baby step into this world, and that if you are reading this I am in some way reaching out and bringing you into my world.

Nothing to say tonight about food or about wine, just wanted to say thank you listening.

R.I.P. Mr Roos,
GW the HRB


Anonymous said...

I'm listening GW. As long as you keep writing I'll keep reading! Maybe one day someone with a man wearing a leather jacket and Greek sailor's cap will intorduce someone to introduce you so you can speak about your literary achievements!

Georgie Weston said...

You flatter me. Thank you.

Anonymous said... was the wine?


Georgie Weston said...

Very good actually ... and no cubed cheese in sight!