Thursday, November 11, 2004

Defamation ... Have I Left My Diary on the Bus?

Now I don't know about you, but I've always been a note taker. I'll write on buses, on planes, on serviettes, on keno tickets. You name it, I've probably written on it. Even wrote on someone's willy once, but that's another story. Anyway, being a prolific documenter of all that passes before my gaze and between my ears, I've been rather partial to the diary. I used to have a wall calendar that I used as a diary when I was 13. Until I started bitching about my family it served its purpose rather well. Then I had the little lock n key diary. How pathetic are those locks? I've had diaries hidden under mattresses, behind beds, under undies, everywhere. But I've never lost a diary. And here's the thought that struck me at about midnight the other night after several 9th Island's (sparkling of course).

Is a blog like leaving your diary on the bus?

Well some would say no, a blog is written with an anonymous faceless audience in mind. But isn't a diary. Doesn't every 13 year old girl dream that the boy she hankers after will read her words of love and come sweep her away on a brilliant steed? Doesn't every angry angsty teen hope secretly that their father/sister/teacher will read their rantings and be impressed/flabbergasted/devastated? I suppose the difference is we don't go about leaving our diaries on buses on purpose. Although who did I think I was kidding with that calendar?

So why is this relevant to the HRB? Well a very wise soul who knows such things wondered if the old GW might be setting herself up Leo-Schofield-like for a legal smack on the arse. So I got to thinking ... could a restaurant sue me for this site? Well your honour, surely a bad opinion is based upon a bad experience. And surely all intelligent readers of the HRB (note: all readers of the HRB are highly intelligent, I know this to be fact), anyway, surely all intelligent readers of the HRB would be wise enough to know not to take ol' Georgie Weston's say-so that a restaurant sucks?

Dear readers, I trust your intelligence and your integrity. If you wonder if my opinion is representative of a pervasive problem in a restaurant, or if it is simply MY opinion of ONE bad experience ... go forth and test your particular hypothesis. And let me (and His Honour over there) know your verdict.

So much for blogging briefly ... you may now return to what you were doing.

GW the HRB


mrsbagshaw said...

Hello dear.
My husband and I are leaving the eastern shore next saturday night to venture forth onto the other side in search of somewhere to eat, drink and celebrate his birthday.
Any advice dear, as to where we would be most lavishly entertained, reach a state of almost heavenly bliss and enjoy the food for under $50?
Awaiting your reply
Mrs Bagshaw

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs Bagshaw,

Thank you for your enquiry. For under $50 you'll probably have a better chance of not being disappointed than if you'd asked for a recommendation under $200. I would highly recommend Mai Ake Thai in Elizabeth St North Hobart. Alternatively Magic Curries (bad name, great food) in Battery Point or Annapurna in North Hobart. Around the Salamanca/waterfront area, maybe Mezethes (very good Greek, very generous seafood platters).

I hope you and your husband have a lovely evening ... wish him all the best from me!

GW the HRB.